The Investors Relations team here at CrowdStreet is talking to new and existing investors every single day. Over the years, we have heard from many investors who have asked for personal guidance in developing a diversified commercial real estate (CRE) portfolio. We have been paying attention, and as a result, we have launched CrowdStreet Advisors, along with its flagship service: Private Managed Accounts.


Private Managed Accounts or “PMAs” are designed for the investor who wants a full-service CRE investment service. By leveraging decades of combined private-equity real estate expertise across the CrowdStreet organization, we will provide our PMA clients with personalized advice, custom portfolio construction, and ongoing management of CRE investment opportunities on the CrowdStreet marketplace. Our goal with this service is to enable investors to meet their personal investment goals and create targeted diversification without getting bogged down in the minutia.  

CrowdStreet has become one of the largest platforms for online real estate investing with a broad range of investors leveraging our marketplace to access institutional-quality deal flow. We will continue to focus on ways to expand our services to match the evolving needs of our clients.

More information about CrowdStreet Advisors’ Private Managed Accounts is available here: The CrowdStreet Advisors team can be reached at [email protected], or via phone at (971) 803-3110