“Marketing for CRE Firms” is a four-part series from CrowdStreet CMO Molly Moore. In the series, Moore dives into the strategies CRE Sponsors can use to build brand credibility and drive demand for their commercial real estate offerings.

“To enable the success of our valued partners, we developed a Partner Marketing Program in tandem with PMG, a content marketing and demand generation agency. PMG brings 15+ years of marketing experience to the table and is focused on helping CrowdStreet’s Sponsors meet their business goals. For this final post in the four-part series dedicated to marketing strategies for CRE firms, I’d like to hand it off to Jessica Legg, VP of Marketing at PMG, to talk through the ways in which top CRE firms are growing their business with online marketing.” – Molly Moore, CMO, CrowdStreet 

Building Brand and Driving Demand

Building a credible and trustworthy CRE brand to attract new investors requires more than just a fancy website and regularly updated social media feeds. These items are important, yes, and they contribute to delivering on what is necessary for a CRE firm when it commits to leveraging digital marketing strategies to attract new investors online. But it’s just the surface.

At PMG we have 15+ years of experience helping finance and tech industry leaders drive new business. PMG is a content marketing and demand generation agency. We are proud to be partnering with CrowdStreet to help CRE Sponsors create a trustworthy brand image online in order to attract new investors.

From creating a polished, professional logo and brand image, to developing compelling content, maintaining consistent email communications and running digital ads, the CrowdStreet Partner Marketing Program is designed to meet the unique digital marketing needs of CRE firms.

Building a Trustworthy Brand

Building a trustworthy brand that instills confidence in investors involves the skillful execution of a combination of tactics, including a modern, mobile-friendly website design and development, consistent logo and branding across mediums, maintaining a professional tone and cohesive messaging across channels, paid advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), and much more.

For many CRE firms, establishing credibility is something that’s only ever needed to be approached through face-to-face interactions and building relationships in-person. But with the passing of the JOBS Act and advancements in technology that have made crowdfunding possible, the world of commercial real estate is now moving primarily online.

This shift in where and how business is taking place has put the pressure on CRE firms to ensure that they’re putting their best foot forward in the digital realms.

Driving Demand for Your Investment Offerings

Beyond putting your best foot forward, driving demand with a new pool of investors online requires a digital marketing strategy that covers all relevant touchpoints and accounts for consistent communication across varying online channels.

Whether communicating via emails, social media posts, blog articles, videos, or digital ads— attracting new investors to your CRE offerings requires an understanding of digital best practices and the preferences of your preferred investor targets.

And this skillset is really the sweet spot of how PMG is able to add tremendous value for CrowdStreet Sponsors. To learn more about how we can work together to build your company’s online brand and drive new investor demand for your offerings in the era of crowdfunding, please check out the CrowdStreet Partner Marketing Program.