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Securely Manage All Your Investor Documents In
One Place



Reduce overhead and easily manage investor documents.

CrowdStreet has specifically built its investment software to allow CRE firms to securely host documents online and distribute those documents to the right investors with a few simple clicks. Investors can access those documents 24/7 from their own private portal, cutting down on service requests. Spend less time managing your files and more time building your business.


Secure Access

Assign specific documents to specific investors. Investors can securely access the documents that have been assigned to them through their investor rooms.

Document Distribution

Upload and distribute documents to thousands of people at once. No more need to individually email investors attachments.


Enable automatic watermarking on offering documents to add a watermark with a unique identifier that links the document to the user.


Bulk upload documents and utilize auto-matching to associate each document with an individual investor.

Centralized Location

No more searching around for documents with a centralized location to store all tax and legal documents. 

Upload Documents

Upload, view and assign investor documents with simple drag and drop functionality to save you time. 

Investment Management Software Overview

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