CrowdStreet Blended Portfolio Series V Webinar

The CrowdStreet Blended Portfolio (CSBP) is one way for investors to build a highly diversified portfolio. Watch the CSBP Series V Webinar to learn more.

With the CrowdStreet Blended Portfolio Series V (CSBP) we’ve made some improvements based upon what we learned from the first four series. Some of these improvements include:

  • Two closing periods–CSBP will now offer a first and second closing to accommodate investors who have liquidity at different periods.
  • Faster deployment–We have lowered the target time to deploy funds from 12-14 months to 6-8 months, meaning your money is put to work even faster.
  • Tiered fee structure–CSBP still has a maximum of 1% per year management fee, but a Series V investor has an opportunity to receive fee breaks in certain situations.

Watch a recording of the webinar now.



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