Over 691 deals funded.
$3.7 billion invested.

Over 691 deals funded.
$3.7 billion invested.

With 147 confirmed realized deals, here are the results to date.

Since 2014, CrowdStreet investors have successfully funded 691 deals, 147 of which have realized (sold). As more deals work through their holding periods, these numbers will be updated to reflect the latest metrics, which are calculated to be net of fees. Last updated in October 2022 .

18.7% IRR

This annualized return metric spreads cash flows and equity return over the course of the entire holding period.

1.55x Equity Multiple

The total cash distributions received from an investment, divided by the total equity invested.

2.9 Year Hold Period

The amount of time from the date of the purchase to the date of the sale.

Understanding returns by risk profile

In commercial real estate investing, there are four common risk profiles: core, core-plus, value-add, and opportunistic. Less risky investments may target lower returns but are generally considered a “safer bet.” In commercial real estate, this means the property is generating stable cash flow but likely won’t appreciate dramatically. Riskier opportunities target higher returns to justify the risk to investors. For commercial real estate, this might mean the property isn’t generating any cash flow but instead targets one big payday when the property sells or refinances.

Opportunistic Deals

We categorize opportunistic investments as those that target the highest returns, but also bear the most risk. These properties include ground-up development, have little to no cash flow, and often have the most complicated business plans.

To date, CrowdStreet investors have invested in 200 opportunistic deals and 28 have fully realized.

Realized Opportunistic Deals

Value-Add Deals

We classify value-add investments as projects that aim to significantly increase cash flow and the value of the property over time by making dramatic improvements to the property.

As one of the most common risk profiles on the Marketplace, CrowdStreet investors have invested in 283 value-add deals to date. 66 have fully realized.


Realized Value-Add Deals

Core-Plus Deals

We categorize core-plus investments as high-quality properties that are mostly occupied but have set aside some of the monthly income for future maintenance and upgrades, meaning there is less stable cash flow for investors.

Since 2014, CrowdStreet investors have invested in 102 core-plus deals and 11 have fully realized.

Realized Core-Plus Deals

Core Deals

We classify core investments as those with stable, predictable cash flow. They are usually fully-occupied, need no major improvements, and are in major markets. These are considered the least risky investment type.

CrowdStreet investors have had the opportunity to invest in 11 core deals and 0 have fully realized.

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