Marketplace Performance**

Since launching in 2014, the CrowdStreet marketplace has published over 447 commercial real estate investment offerings.

The majority of these deals are working through their holding periods in anticipation of future full realization. The chart below shows the status of each realized offering that has appeared on the Marketplace.

Additional questions on specific investment offerings and their performance can be directed to the CrowdStreet investments team at [email protected].

Realized Offerings Details*** (Updated April 2020)

PropertySponsorTarget Return*Actual Return*Target HoldActual HoldTarget Multiple
Actual MultipleCapital Raised
BurnsideUrban Green22.0%66.5%4 years1.1 years1.93x1.7x$845,000
Clear Point GardensWindmill Investments16.7%42.9%5 years1.3 years1.95x1.5x$2,730,000
South Seattle Business ParkSmart Cap20.4%46.3%5 years2.3 years2.34x2.3x$520,000
Diamond LochWindmill Investments16%28%4 years1.8 years1.5x1.5x$3,250,000
Residential Fund IIAlpha Wave Investors23%71%5 years1.8 years1.5x1.5x$175,000
BloomingtonMainstreet14%14.8%2 years1.8 years1.3x1.26x$1,162,000
Villas at LeBlanc ParkAldwin Apartments19.6%17.8%4.25 years2.6 years1.4x1.4x$187,000
1924 FranklinUrban Green19%19%3 years2.7 years1.6x1.6x$405,000
Timber OaksWindmill Investments19.5%19.9%5 years2.9 years1.6x1.6x$2,083,000
Hoyt20SKB/Greenlight21.3%22.9%2 years2.2 years1.5x1.6x$1,486,000
490 First AvenueDenholtz Associates19.7%18.7%5 years2.7 years2.3x1.5x$100,000
Patriot’s PointeUSR16%13%5 years2.1 years1.9x1.3x$620,000
Westmount at ColonnadeWestmount Realty Capital18.3%16.2%5 years3.2 years2.1x1.5x$455,000
Watt Hotel & RetailBridgeton Holdings and Westview Group20.7%14.7%5 years2.2 years2.3x1.4x$845,000
Ivy at Clear CreekEmerge Investments19.6%19.9%5 years3.4 years2.2x1.7x$405,000
Chase Suites LincolnBridgeton Holdings20.2%-52.3%10 years1.8 years3.8x0.3x $341,800
Old Taylor Road CottagesAlpha Capital Parters20.8%12.3%5 years1.6 years2.3x1.2x $1,655,000
Oakland Airport PlazaVertical Ventures29.6%44.8% 2 years1.9 years1.66x1.93x $4,525,000
FC Alondra 37Fiola Communities18.8%13.9%2 years2.2 years1.41x1.33x$630,000
River’s EdgeArrowpoint Properties28.1%31.9%7 years3 years3.84x2.16x$1,800,000
Chase Suites Baton RougeBridgeton Holdings16.5%-100.0%10 years2.2 years3.17x0x$25,000
Sonoma Villas and PinesHenley USA22.7%38.61%4 years1.5 years2.1x1.59x$995,500
Modern on the RailHenley USA19.3%52.8%5 years0.5 years2.26x1.70x$500,000
Fountains of FellsmereMirzam Venture Capital11.20%-62.94%5 years3.6 years1.60x0.20x$215,000
Sheldrakes LoftsHalpern Real Estate Ventures22.0%25.16%3 years2.4 years1.81x1.72x$450,000
Fairfield Inn & Suites Note OfferingRRA Companies10%9.48%2.2 years1.4 years1.22x1.13x$930,000
West Girard LoftsMMPartners22.6%7.80%10 years2 years3.4x1.17x$4,683,000
Crossroads SouthBig V Acquisitions, LLC17.9%3.66%5 years1.9 years2.1x1.07x$425,000
Hellyer Oaks Technology ParkVertical Ventures38.7%30.22%2 years3 years1.91x1.81x$6,340,500
Quadrant Office BuildingHempel Companies27.1%30.78%3 years1.9 years2.0x1.61x$2,525,000
Winsome West MultifamilyHenley USA16.4%24.3%5 years1.9 years2.1x1.51x$1,300,000


*Annualized returns


Refinanced Properties (Updated April 2020)

SponsorPropertyPercent of Original Equity Distributed to Investors at Refinance Annual Cash Yield (original equity)Annual Cash Yield (residual equity)Target HoldRevised  HoldDate Acquired
Date Refinanced
Rhodium Capital Advisors100 Franklin Square Drive103%8%Infinite4 years4 yearsNovember 2017October 2018
KRI Capital PartnersArbours at Garden Grove65%8%26.7%5 years5 yearsAugust 2016August 2018


**Results are based on realized transactions to date, based on information provided to CrowdStreet by the sponsors of the investment or other sources. Due to the fact that CrowdStreet was formed in 2014 and many investments have an expected holding period that is longer than the period during which CrowdStreet has been in existence, the information above may not be an accurate representation of overall performance of investments on the Marketplace. Furthermore, if a project is not performing well, realization may be delayed. Past performance is not indicative of future results. You should not invest unless you can sustain the risk of full loss of capital.

***Realized returns shown are subject to change. Returns shown are based on actual distributions received to-date, as reported by the sponsors, and do not consider any residual value that may exist for certain realized investments