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The easiest way to build a diversified CRE portfolio personalized to meet your goals

CrowdStreet Advisors’ Private Managed Accounts make investing in commercial real estate (CRE) a personalized experience. We start by building an investment plan based on your personal goals and then invest in deals on your behalf. Private Managed Accounts leverage CrowdStreet’s CRE investment expertise to provide you with a professionally constructed and managed account so you can go about your daily life while your money is put to work for you.


CRE portfolio construction based on your needs and designed to fit holistically with your other investments.


CrowdStreet Advisors’ Portfolio Manager actively monitors new offerings and invests on your behalf according to your personalized strategy.


Diversify your portfolio with direct commercial real estate investments to complement your existing holdings aligned to your strategy.

Deep CRE

Benefit from our years of collective experience.


Dedicated service with a Customer Relationship Manager as your point of contact.


Periodically reviewed, individualized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that guides all investing decisions.

Private Managed Accounts Overview

Targeted Diversification

CrowdStreet Advisors will build a portfolio with direct CRE investments, constructed to meet your personal investment objectives.

Investment Minimum

Create a diversified CRE portfolio and take advantage of CrowdStreet’s expertise with a starting minimum balance of $250k.

Pricing Details

Service fees range from 200 to 250 basis points on assets under management in year one and 25 basis points for ongoing management in subsequent years.

We’ll build your personalized portfolio with institutional-quality offerings

Private Managed Accounts clients invest directly in expertly reviewed, institutional-quality offerings on CrowdStreet’s marketplace, based on guidance from your advisory team. Each Sponsors’ investment offering is subjected to a rigorous review process by our experienced Investments team to ensure both the Sponsor and the offering meet our strict marketplace requirements. CrowdStreet is committed to only listing institutional-quality commercial real estate investment offerings and your personal Private Managed Accounts team will build a portfolio that makes sense for you.

Understand Our Review Process

Getting started with Private Managed Accounts

1. Tell us about yourself. We will review your personal circumstances as well as financial considerations, needs, and goals.
2. Review your investment plan. We will propose a strategy personalized just for you.
3. Relax while we go to work for you. We will build your personalized portfolio and fully manage it on your behalf.

Simple steps to open your account

Expertise you can count on


The CrowdStreet Advisors team is focused on providing our clients with a personalized CRE investing experience that simplifies the investment process and provides diversification, both within CRE and for your overall portfolio. We bring deep expertise, a passion for identifying great opportunities, and a commitment to the fiduciary standard of care.

Portfolio Team