Leverage CrowdStreet’s Investment Expertise with Private Managed Accounts

CrowdStreet is proud to announce the launch of CrowdStreet Capital’s Private Managed Accounts which offers custom commercial real estate (CRE) investment advice and portfolios, simple investing and dedicated team support.

CrowdStreet Capital’s Private Managed Accounts leverages CrowdStreet’s CRE investment expertise to provide investors with a personalized CRE investment management service that meets your individual investment goals, creates investment diversification and builds wealth.

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Private Managed Accounts

Pricing Details

Service fees range from 60 to 90 basis points on assets under management (AUM) depending on your investment amount.

Investment Minimums

Create a diversified CRE portfolio and take advantage of CrowdStreet’s expertise with a starting minimum balance of $100k.

Personalized Portfolio

Personalized recommendations guided by your own investment objectives, attitude toward risk, time horizon, and other considerations.

Diversify with Institutional-Quality CRE Offerings

CRE is an alternative investment option that provides portfolio diversity because its performance isn’t typically correlated to the stock market. Private commercial real estate can complement your investment portfolio and may lower the overall volatility of your returns.

With Crowdstreet Capital’s Private Managed Accounts comprised of CrowdStreet’s online CRE marketplace, investors have direct access to real estate opportunities for building a customized and diversified CRE portfolio with a minimum investment of $100k. Private Managed Accounts investors invest in expertly reviewed, institutional-quality offerings on CrowdStreet’s marketplace based on guidance from our team. Each Sponsors’ investment offering is subjected to a 26-point objective review process by our experienced Investments team to ensure both the Sponsor and the offering meet our strict marketplace requirements. CrowdStreet’s marketplace has raised over $350 million in new investments through 250+ offerings.

Expert Advice to Build CRE Portfolios

Whether you are a first time CRE investor or prefer to partner with CRE experts to identify opportunities, the Private Managed Accounts team will help you create the portfolio that is right for you.

Your investment needs are our top priority and we’ll use our over 60 years of combined private-equity real estate expertise to provide you with ongoing custom support and CRE recommendations to meet your individual investment goals. With a passion for identifying the best CRE opportunities for our investors, the Private Managed Accounts team is focused on providing our investors with a personalized CRE investing experience that simplifies the investment process and builds wealth diversification.

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