Why Commercial Real Estate

Over a 15 year period, commercial real estate outperformed the stock market by nearly 3:1

Commercial Real Estate
* Average Annual Return
S&P 500
* Average Annual Return

Based on a $10,000 investment in 2000

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Why Invest with CrowdStreet


CrowdStreet only accepts institutional-quality CRE investment offerings on our Marketplace. Why waste time on single-family residential fix-and-flips?


Unlike other real estate marketplaces that charge Investors a 1-2% platform fee to invest in their offerings, CrowdStreet charges NO platform fees.


CrowdStreet is founded and operated by professionals with over 60 years of combined experience in commercial real estate and every offering is vetted by a team of private equity real estate professionals before it is allowed on the Marketplace.


Most competing marketplaces use special-purpose vehicles (such as one-off LLCs) to anonymously pool investor capital. These may introduce platform risk in the event of marketplace insolvency. CrowdStreet’s direct-to-investor model connects you directly with vetted sponsors - eliminating a common source of potential risk for Investors.

View the Performance of Our Marketplace Offerings*

Offering Sponsor Close Date Property Type Asset Profile Investment Profile Targeted IRR Performance Variance
Lower Makefield Office Advalurem Group 9/16/2014 Office Core Plus Preferred Equity 13.2% Underperforming 7.8% annualized vs. 10% Year 2 target.
30 Knightsbridge Rd EverWest Real Estate Partners 1/27/2015 Office Core Plus Mezzanine Debt 10.5% Performing N/A
1924 Franklin Urban Green 4/3/2015 Office Opportunistic Equity 18.0% Underperforming Cash flow is delayed by one quarter due to construction delays - current market rents exceed pro forma rents by 37%.
Villas at LeBlanc Park Aldwin Apartments 4/16/2015 Multifamily Value Add Equity 19.6% Underperforming 8.1% annualized vs. 11.6% Year 2 target
Timber Oaks Apartments Windmill Investments, LLC 6/4/2015 Multifamily Value Add Equity 17.8% Outperforming 6.7% annualized distribution vs. 5.6% at pro forma.
StorQuest - Tempe Warner The William Warren Group, Inc. 6/30/2015 Mixed-use Core Plus Equity 12.5% Underperforming 6.2% annualized pref versus 7% Year 1 target
1380 Garnet Retail Center Five West Capital Partners 7/24/2015 Retail Value Add Equity 22.7% Underperforming Redevelopment behind by one quarter. Negotiating rents at 14.3% above pro forma. May ultimately outperform.
Oak Chase Aldwin Apartments 8/23/2015 Multifamily Value Add Equity 16.5% Underperforming 9% annualized vs. 10.6% Year 1 target.
Sienna Apartments Capital Real Estate 8/31/2015 Multifamily Value Add Equity 17.0% Performing N/A
Diamond Loch Apartments Windmill Investments, LLC 9/23/2015 Multifamily Value Add Equity 18.4% Performing N/A
Westmount at Summer Cove Westmount Realty Capital 9/27/2015 Multifamily Value Add Equity 18.1% Performing N/A
Sixth Avenue West Bancroft 10/2/2015 Office Core Plus Equity 17.0% Performing N/A
2321 University Blvd Kleban Properties 11/6/2015 Mixed-use Value Add Equity 19.0% Outperforming 11% vs. 8.6% Year 1 target
Westmount at Colonnade Westmount Realty Capital 11/16/2015 Multifamily Value Add Equity 18.3% Performing N/A
Olympus Fund IV Olympus Property 11/20/2015 Fund Core Equity Fund 12.5% Performing N/A
Avion Business Center Capital Commercial Investments, Inc. 11/24/2015 Office Core Plus Equity 11.3% Outperforming 8% annualized vs. 1.1% Year 1 target
ABB Corporate Hayman Properties 12/23/2015 Office Value Add Equity 17.4% Performing N/A
Harrisonburg DoubleTree Encore Enterprises 1/2/2016 Hotel / Motel Value Add Equity 19.5% Performing N/A
New Haven Assisted Living Global Senior Housing 1/4/2016 Senior Housing Development Preferred Equity 24.3% Performing N/A
Welbrook Santa Monica Memory Care Urban Green 1/5/2016 Senior Housing Opportunistic Equity 22.1% Performing N/A
1200 Corporate Place Keystone Property Group 1/13/2016 Office Core Plus Preferred Equity 14.4% Performing N/A
Britannia Business Center I Virtua Partners 1/28/2016 Office Value Add Equity 30.0% Performing N/A
100 East Pine Street Denholtz Associates 2/11/2016 Office Value Add Equity 17.6% Performing N/A
Cadence Retail Income Fund Cadence Asset Management 2/12/2016 Fund Core Plus Equity Fund 15.0% Performing N/A
Ivy at Clear Creek Emerge Investments 2/12/2016 Multifamily Core Plus Equity 19.6% Performing N/A
IntelliStay Boonville IntelliStay Hospitality 2/12/2016 Hotel / Motel Value Add Equity 24.3% Performing N/A
Encore GP Acquisition Fund II Encore Enterprises 2/23/2016 Fund Opportunistic Equity Fund 21.0% Performing N/A
733 Tenth ScanlanKemperBard 3/31/2016 Office Core Equity 10.0% Performing N/A
490 First Avenue Denholtz Associates 4/12/2016 Office Value Add Equity 19.7% Performing N/A
South Seattle Business Park The SmartCap Group, Inc. 4/19/2016 Mixed-use Value Add Equity 20.4% Performing N/A
West 107th Brooklyn Standard Properties 4/30/2016 Multifamily Value Add Equity 14.0% Performing N/A
Alpha Wave Residential Fund II Alpha Wave Investors 5/10/2016 Fund Value Add Equity Fund 19.0% Performing N/A
Val Verde Place Mascia Development 5/12/2016 Retail Core Plus Equity 15.8% Performing N/A
Plymouth Meeting Virtua Partners 5/12/2016 Hotel / Motel Value Add Equity 21.7% Performing N/A
Everest West Central Everest Medical Core Properties 5/15/2016 Office Value Add Equity 20.2% Performing N/A
IntelliStay Lima IntelliStay Hospitality 5/15/2016 Hotel / Motel Value Add Equity 22.4% Performing N/A
River's Edge Arrowpoint Properties 6/20/2016 Multifamily Value Add Equity 28.1% Performing N/A
Chameleon Apartments Core Properties West 7/7/2016 Multifamily Value Add Equity 35.8% Performing N/A
Arbours at Garden Grove KRI Capital Partners 7/27/2016 Multifamily Value Add Equity 17.1% Performing N/A
Franklin Opportunity Fund II Franklin Realty 7/28/2016 Office Value Add Equity 17.7% Performing N/A
The WaterSide Residences Block Real Estate Services 7/31/2016 Multifamily Development Equity 23.0% Performing N/A
Virtua High Growth Fund II Virtua Partners 7/31/2016 Fund Opportunistic Equity Fund 30.0% Performing N/A
Tampa Woods - Class B Ilan Investments 8/8/2016 Multifamily Core Plus Preferred Equity 14.5% Performing N/A
Hoyt20 ScanlanKemperBard & Green Light Development 8/25/2016 Multifamily Development Equity 17.3% Performing N/A
Olympus Fund V Olympus Property 8/26/2016 Multifamily Core Equity Fund 10.0% Performing N/A
Entrance at Lakeway Charter Stone Capital 9/9/2016 Retail Value Add Equity 20.7% Performing N/A
Fountains of Fellsmere Fountains of Fellsmere, LLC 9/12/2016 Senior Housing Development Mezzanine Debt 11.2% Performing N/A
Front Street Properties Alpha Residential Trust 9/15/2016 Multifamily Core Plus Preferred Equity 21.0% Performing N/A
Village at Juban Lakes Block Real Estate Services 9/18/2016 Multifamily Core PLus Equity 14.3% Performing N/A
E-Commerce Distribution Center O'Donnell Group 9/18/2016 Industrial Value Add Equity 25.2% Performing N/A
San Dimas Apartments Fiola Communities 10/7/2016 Multifamily Value Add Equity 27.7% Performing N/A
Addison Corporate Center Virtua Partners 10/10/2016 Office Value Add Equity 34.9% Performing N/A
Encore Phoenix Encore Enterprises Funding Multifamily Development Equity 18.3% Performing N/A
Cincinnati Medical Portfolio Mascia Development Funding Office Core PLus Equity 15.2% Performing N/A
O'Donnell Opportunity Fund V O'Donnell Group Funding Fund Value Add Equity Fund 15.0% Performing N/A
Multifamily Opportunity Fund I Trion Properties Funding Fund Value Add Equity Fund 16.0% Performing N/A
Kansas City Residential Fund Golden Pacific Capital Funding Fund Opportunistic Equity Fund 18.4% Performing N/A
Trueline Capital Fund II Trueline Capital Funding Single Family Development Debt Fund 11.0% Performing N/A

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