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Investment Management Software

CrowdStreet Investment Management Software

CrowdStreet Connect is a commercial real estate investor portal and management platform focused on accessible investor and investment management and private equity online fundraising. Leading the way in the real estate crowdfunding space, we allow investors and businesses to stay ahead of the curve and invest in new opportunities as they occur. Discover how a investment management software, along with with the right tools and people, can make a difference for your business.

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Better Investor Relationship Management

As commercial real estate developers know, managing investors can be a time consuming part of your job. If you’re a smaller developer, you probably don’t have a dedicated IR Department, and are therefore acting as your own investor relations manager. In order to make your job easier, CrowdStreet developed a fully integrated platform and investor portal that allows you to raise capital and communicate with investors all in one place.

  • White-labeled Portal: Created a customized investor experience where they can login, see their investments, distributions, view all you offerings and make transactions.  All on a modern customer experience investor now have come to expect.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Create an organized, central database of investor information and related investments
  • Investor Activity: Monitor when your investors make moves that affect you directly.
  • Centralize Documents: Securely store all tax and legal documents in one place.
  • Automate Reporting: Report distribution and capital account management by asset and fund.
  • Email Marketing: Engage Investors with professional emails and campaigns in a few simple clicks.
  • Investor communication: Built-in tools for easy investor relation management, from sharing an offering to providing post-funding documents.

As outlined in the CrowdStreet Investment Software Buyers Guide, Investment Management Software solves these issues by combining an IRM tool with powerful online investor engagement and marketing solutions, online offer promotion and transaction automation, and powerful investment management tools. This allows firms to manage an investor base through the entire lifecycle of an investment – creating more value per investor. The combination of these features creates a complete solution built to solve the modern challenges real estate investment firms face.

Raise Capital From The Right Investors

Developers depend on their existing networks to raise private equity. These are investors you already have a relationship with, either from past investments or projects. Now you can provide them with a modern experience that allows them to view your offerings online, on a white-labeled investor portal, submit offers and track their investments.

CrowdStreet Investment Management Software

With tools available to Sponsors through CrowdStreet’s investment management software, you are able to reach out to your existing networks of investors to share new opportunities. Invite investors, friends and family to privately view offerings and securely access offering documents in your private investor portal. Share with them listings, and engage with investors with email marketing campaigns. The CrowdStreet investor CRM makes easy to do it all.

Hundreds of businesses are already using CrowdStreet to manage over 100,000 investors, across 1,850 projects, and over $8.8 billion in investments dollars.

Privately raise capital easier through better communication, tools and resources provided by CrowdStreet’s investment management platform.

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The Future of Real Estate Investment is Digital

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of digital tools in today’s commercial real estate investment market. From asset management, to investment accounting and relationship management, it’s all happening online. The reason digital tools have become so important is because that’s where investors are spending their time researching and targeting investment opportunities. If you want to get their interest, you have to reach them where they already are.

That’s why CrowdStreet believes in offering the very best investor platform and experience possible. We believe in the future of commercial real estate investments online, and the role of investment management software to make it happen. We understand that developers and investors are both looking for new opportunities, and want to make it as easy as possible for them to connect. No middle man, no hassle, just transparent communication between you and your investors. That’s the future of crowdfunded real estate investing, and that’s what the CrowdStreet investor portal and platform provide.

See how the future of crowdfunded commercial real estate investing can grow your business.

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