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CrowdStreet lives and breathes commercial real estate. With deep expertise gained by developing, launching and managing a successful online CRE marketplace, CrowdStreet has screened thousands of investment offerings. As of October 2018, CrowdStreet investors have contributed over $400 million across over 250 investment opportunities. And the average realized returns on nine offerings on the CrowdStreet marketplace have exceeded a 36% XIRR.

From an Investments team that reviews all Sponsors and offerings, to an Investor Relations team that supports all your questions and concerns, to a Marketing team that attracts successful CRE Sponsors, and a Sales team across the US that cultivates personal relationships to access the best investment opportunities, we are here to support our investor community.


Meet the committee.

Before an investment is made in any marketplace project on behalf of the Blended Portfolio, the CrowdStreet Review Committee must unanimously approve the investment for the Blended Portfolio. The Review Committee is an omnibus panel whose membership is drawn from CrowdStreet employees, CrowdStreet affiliates, and third-party consulting investment advisors. The Review Committee is tasked with setting CrowdStreet investment-related policies, and ensuring that those policies are administered correctly. Generally, consideration of an investment opportunity begins with the preparation of a written summary describing the proposed investment, including any additional verification, screening, or analysis that has been performed. The summary is then submitted to the Review Committee for approval.

Ian Formigle, VP, Investments of CrowdStreet, Inc

Thomas McDonald, Investment Analyst of CrowdStreet, Inc.

Lauren DeMasi, Director of Legal of CrowdStreet, Inc.

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The Review Committee acts in the best interests of CrowdStreet investors at all times. The committee is comprised of employees of CrowdStreet and its affiliates and approves then strictly follows the criteria for including offerings in the Blended Portfolio.

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