How We Approach Investing at CrowdStreet

Strategically built to create a diversified commercial real estate portfolio.

CrowdStreet’s Blended Portfolio is an investment vehicle that was created to build a highly diversified portfolio of commercial real estate (CRE) assets composed entirely of investment opportunities offered on the CrowdStreet marketplace. An automated, rules-based approach is used to determine eligible marketplace offerings to construct the Blended Portfolio. The goal is to be as inclusive of our marketplace offerings as possible, without over-concentrating the portfolio in a given asset type or geography, and in alignment with pre-defined allocation rules.

Focused on creating a diversified and simple CRE investing experience.

CrowdStreet’s Blended Portfolio is uniquely positioned to provide investors with an accessible investment minimum that places smaller investments across a wide range of institutional-quality CRE property, sponsors, locations and strategy types for a simplified and diversified investing experience. The goals of CrowdStreet’s Blended Portfolio include:

  • Diversification by providing investors access to wide range of properties, sponsors, locations, and strategy types.
  • Accessible investing in institutional-quality CRE with a $25K minimum.
  • Single contribution by investors at close.
  • Easy and convenient with a three month funding window and a rolling close.
  • Enjoy passive investing, with a rules-based approach and allocation parameters to select portfolio assets.
  • Target up to 50 investments during a 12-14 month period after closing.
  • Streamline tax preparation with investors receiving a single K-1.


Access CRE Diversification With Just One Click



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Leveraging CrowdStreet marketplace’s middle market strategy.

CrowdStreet was formed to democratize access to investing in CRE and with a focus on transparency and diversification for institutional-quality assets. An emphasis on the middle market became CrowdStreet’s core marketplace concentration because:

  • $15 – $50 million institutional-quality assets face less competition from the largest institutional and offshore investors.
  • Higher concentrations of target assets exist in secondary markets.
  • Many of these markets and submarkets are well above national averages in terms of job and population growth.
  • Middle market assets are often acquired through inefficient processes.
  • Middle market assets often sell into more efficient markets with greater institutional participation by the time of exit due to value added to the assets and market growth.
  • This creates robust opportunities for private investors to fill equity gaps with attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Vetted Institutional-Quality Portfolio.


Step One

Marketplace Vetting Process

Every eligible portfolio investment is an approved CrowdStreet marketplace offering that goes through the extensive CrowdStreet marketplace approval process.

Step Two

Investment Selection Process

Before a CrowdStreet marketplace offering is included in the Blended Portfolio, the offering must also pass the Blended Portfolio review process. The investment opportunity goes through a pre-defined programmatic algorithm to determine its eligibility. If eligible, an allocation policy is applied to the offering to determine the amount allocated to the Blended Portfolio and the investment is reviewed and approved by the CrowdStreet Review Committee.


Constructing the Portfolio.

Portfolio investments are screened using an algorithmic formula that considers, among other things:

  • Target allocations for a broad variety of investment types.
  • Composition of prior portfolio investments.
  • The impact new investments will have on the resulting portfolio.
  • Time and capital left until the end of portfolio’s investment period.
  • Observance to target leverage thresholds.