Fund Investing

Rely on our experts to create a personal investment plan and build your commercial real estate portfolio.

CrowdStreet Capital’s Private Managed Accounts makes investing in commercial real estate (CRE) a personalized experience by building an investment plan based on your individual investment goals and then investing in deals on your behalf. Our experts leverage CrowdStreet’s CRE investment expertise to provide you with managed investing services so you can go about your daily life while your money is put to work for you.

Investment Advice

Personalized recommendations guided by your own investment objectives, attitude toward risk, time horizon, and other considerations.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated team support with a Customer Relationship Manager as your point of contact and a designated Portfolio Manager.

Personalized Portfolio

Each investor has a personal dashboard that shows investment positions and diversity across your offerings – all in one place.

Simplified Investing

Offer documentation is handled by our expert team so you don’t miss access to a deal that meets your investment objectives.

Investment Governance

Periodically reviewed, individualized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that guides all investing decisions.


Diversified Portfolio

Diversify your portfolio with the CRE alternative asset class to complement your existing investments

Getting started with Private Managed Accounts

  1. Tell us about your financial needs. Needs a bit more copy to even it out.
  2. Review your personal investment plan that we built for you.
  3. Start building wealth while we invest on your behalf and update you along the way.

How to Open an Account

Pricing Details

Service fees range from 60 to 90 basis points on assets under management (AUM) depending on your investment amount.


Investment Minimums

Create a diversified CRE portfolio and take advantage of CrowdStreet’s expertise with a starting minimum balance of $100k.



Invest in expertly reviewed, institutional-quality offerings on CrowdStreet’s marketplace, backed by a professional CRE Investments Team.

Accreditation Team

Expert team to support you along the way.

With expert teams to support our investors, CrowdStreet is committed to making commercial real estate simple and provide support through the investment process.


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