With health and investment news evolving so rapidly, there are a few things we wanted to share since our initial take on COVID-19 and its potential impact:

  1. Earlier this week, we asked all sponsors to reach out to their active investors and share how COVID-19 might affect their business plans, including any work they might do to mitigate the impact. We hope you have seen some of these in your investor rooms, and keep an eye out for more.
  2. We have been preparing the entire CrowdStreet organization to work remotely on a temporary basis while ensuring 100% continuity and support. We are committed to taking appropriate measures to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19. Our business continuity preparedness plans enable us to continue delivering our products, services, and support without impact to investors or sponsors.
  3. Since the news is evolving day by day, we want to bring our entire community together for a live stream this Friday to discuss the state of the commercial real estate market and expected performance in these times from a variety of perspectives. We will be taking questions from the audience live.

Join Ian Formigle, our Chief Investment Officer, along with Dr. Julia Freybote, Professor of Finance and Real Estate at Portland State University, and Karlin Conklin, Investors Management Group Principal, Executive VP for this broadcast this Friday, March 20th at 10:00 AM Pacific.

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