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“Are we in the 9th inning of the Real Estate cycle and is the bubble about to burst?”

Theme: Empowering the Investor and Advisor

  • Investing directly into Commerical Real Estate, of your choice with transparency, and without paying commissions
  • Breaking the mold; Individual investors can invest in CRE and make their own choices like institutional investors
  • Freeing your IRA dollars to invest into CRE of your choice
  • Exposing and cutting through all the marketing gimmicks and complicated structures of most Real Estate investment products


JON BRENKBS Investor and Consultant, President of Bren Ventures – KBS is one of the nation’s largest buyers and managers of commercial real estate, KBS was founded in 1991 by Jon’s father, Peter Bren (Chairman of KBS), and Chuck Schreiber (CEO of KBS).

TED PARKER is a SVP for Millennium Trust, providing alternative asset custody solutions for individual investors and Advisors throughout the Western US.

BRYAN MICK is the President of Mick Law P.C. in Omaha, Nebraska, and a provider of independent due diligence legal services for various broker-dealers and registered investment advisors throughout the country. Bryan is one of the leaders and advocates for transparency and disclosure for the Alternative Investment Industry.

SPECIAL GUEST KEYNOTE, Legendary Industry Leader