Join us for our latest CrowdStreet Investor Education Webinar where we’re focusing on the fundamentals of CRE taxes. If you invested in a commercial real estate offering in 2018, or are looking to invest in 2019, it’s important you understand what kind of paperwork you’ll be receiving from sponsors, how to read the tax forms and how your commercial real estate investments will affect your personal tax return.

In this webinar, CrowdStreet’s VP of Investments, Ian Formigle, will be joined by Trent Baeckl, CPA and Shareholder at Perkins & Co., to discuss the need-to-know fundamentals of CRE taxes, break down the key components of the Schedule K-1 and walk you through several hypothetical investments. Attendees will come away with not only a better understanding of what their tax returns could look like this year but also valuable information to help analyze new commercial real estate investments from an after-tax basis moving forward.

You won’t want to miss this!

Your presenters

Ian Formigle, Vice President of Investments, CrowdStreet
Trent Baeckl, CPA, Shareholder, Perkins & Co.

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