Urban Green Investments

Working with CrowdStreet versus an institutional raise could not be more different. We’re a very agile and lean company, and with CrowdStreet, we can do what needs to get done with no unnecessary rules or constraints.”

Jasmine Nazari, Partner, Head of Investor Relations

“It makes sense that you would search for real estate investment opportunities online like other investments,” said Jasmine Nazari, Head of Investor Relations and Partner at Urban Green. “We wanted the benefits of the right technology. All industries are moving toward digitization, even though ours is slow to change.”

The company was conservative, however, in its expectations for capital raised in a crowdfunded environment. “We hadn’t seen a big return with our prior online fundraising engagement and expected a similar result with CrowdStreet.”


Tapping a Wealth of IR Know-How

“For me as a Sponsor, it’s been helpful to see what sort of marketing strategies are working for CrowdStreet. There’s no central source of knowledge about how to navigate private equity real estate and definitely nothing that’s Investor Relations oriented. I appreciate the information CrowdStreet is sharing with us as a partner.”

Wellbrook, Urban Green’s third project on the platform, “…raised a pretty penny with CrowdStreet,” according to Nazari. “We are definitely looking for the next deal that’s a match for their marketplace.”

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About Urban Green Investments

Urban Green Investments, a fully integrated real estate investment and development company, has been a Sponsor in the Bay Area since 2008. The company invests in three major platforms: multi-family, land development and boutique office buildings. It’s primary market focus is in CA, NY and TX, investing directly in projects and also working with a variety of partners including local Sponsors, institutional funds and accredited investors.