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We never realized how easy it could be to acquire, onboard and manage relationships with 290 individual investors.

David Lesser & Patrick Haynes, Co-founders

The partners explored equity crowdfunding as a way to raise capital in a more advantageous manner. “We saw crowdfunding as an opportunity to achieve our funding goals, retain full control of our business and succeed in our business plans” said Patrick Haynes. As an emerging, two-partner investment firm, an additional concern was the potential effort needed to communicate with and manage relationships with a large base of investors. “We were looking for the perfect partner to help us scale.”

We never realized how easy it could be to acquire, onboard and manage relationships with 290 individual investors.

David Lesser & Patrick Haynes, Co-founders

During a thorough analysis of the real estate crowdfunding market, David and Patrick explored options to significantly scale fundraising efforts and support their vision of growth for Intellistay. Ultimately, CrowdStreet’s successful track record, team of commercial real estate and technology experts, plus uniquely-integrated fundraising and investor management tools, made it clear that the CrowdStreet platform would exceed their needs.

“We immediately connected with the CrowdStreet team and felt a high degree of confidence and trust with leadership. It was important for us to have ongoing relationships with our investors and the direct to investor model of the CrowdStreet marketplace plus CrowdStreet’s best-in-class investor management capabilities have proven to be exactly what we were looking for”, said Patrick.

“We’re seeing tremendous momentum on the CrowdStreet platform. Beyond developing our new brand, we’re gaining long-term investment partners that want to work with us to build out a great portfolio. The marketplace gives them a great opportunity to get to know us and explore our investments with less risk”, said David.

Patrick was initially surprised by the value of the connections within the marketplace. “Unlike other real estate crowdfunding platforms, there is a community of experienced investment partners working behind the scenes to vet out new deals and share learnings with each other. CrowdStreet fosters this positive community that allows everyone to grow together.”

Intellistay was also impressed with how CrowdStreet’s integrated investor relationship management tools minimized the workload involved with managing a large network of new investors. Particularly impactful for Intellistay were CrowdStreet’s Investor Rooms – personalized post-closing investor websites which provide access to information, distribution records and monthly updates in a way that scales as investor numbers and offerings continue to grow.


A Game-changing Platform

Going into this journey, David and Patrick had a strong belief that crowdfunding would elevate and accelerate their new model and their experience has far exceeded their expectations.

Patrick shares, “CrowdStreet has proven to be a game-changing platform for us. We’re far more efficient in all areas of our business than we ever imagined possible, from sourcing new investors to managing our deals, providing transparency and communicating with our investment partners.

With most smaller deals, investors wouldn’t expect to have much interaction with the principals. Our sophisticated investment partners actively engage with us and help propel our business into the future. It’s all about the relationships that we’ve earned through CrowdStreet.”

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IntelliStay Hospitality Management, LLC, is a New York City based private real estate investment firm focused on offering investors direct investment opportunities in hotels located in secondary and tertiary US markets.