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We were looking for something that worked how we work, we loved the ease of use for ourselves and investors…CrowdStreet Connect was the best product for us.

Jeffery Rosenberg, Managing Partner

“Online fundraising gives you greater flexibility with your assets and how you decide to manage them.”

Managing Partner Jeffrey Rosenberg investigated multiple investment management software providers. His search led to CrowdStreet Connect. The idea of a simple investment management platform combined with the leading online fundraising marketplace provided a solution that was impossible to ignore.

“We were looking for something that worked how we work,” commented Rosenberg. “We loved the ease of use for ourselves and investors. In fact, we had several of our investors look at the platform and provide their feedback. We looked at how waterfall calculations and how the platform handled multiple investments across different types of properties. CrowdStreet Connect was the best product for us.”


Great Connection, Greater Control

Rosenberg says a key plus for raising capital via an online real estate investment platform is lighter reporting burden and greater control.

“We’ve had joint ventures with several firms and funds,” he elaborates. “The amount of monthly reporting is significant. They like to help with decisions, which can be a good thing. But it can be limiting and onerous regarding the resources required.

Another benefit for Rosenberg is the opportunity to connect directly with investors.

“I like speaking directly with investors,” he comments. “We’re always looking at ways to grow. These investors bring ideas that are diverse and beneficial. We’re in this to create long-term wealth for people. The CrowdStreet connection allows me to share our philosophy and how we run our business.”

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About Big V Property Group

Big V Property Group (BVPG) is a vertically-integrated shopping center investment management and property management company, with comprehensive services including leasing, on-site property management, construction management, finance/accounting and marketing. The company has offices in Charlotte, NC, Florida, NY, and Bristol, TN and a satellite office in Stuart, FL.