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There’s no one doing it like CrowdStreet. They are unquestionably the best operator in the space. That will accrue very much to our advantage in the future.”

Chad Cooley, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

“We believe in our ability to invest and create great returns. Left to our own devices, we’re going to do that well. Working with CrowdStreet, we’re able to leverage those strengths.” – Chad Cooley, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, AWH Partners

The Bonus

Leading the Industry, Hand In Hand with CrowdStreet

The growth in investor base is a trajectory Cooley expects will continue. “If we’re closing in on 200 investors today, we want to be at 2,000. Customer acquisition is expensive, and the channels for doing that are not so obvious, even for guys like us sitting here in New York with institutional backgrounds. Online fundraising is a terrific development in the world of CRE fundraising. We are going to make the most of it.”

The company will also leverage CrowdStreet Connect, an investment management tool platform that will allow AWH to scale in style. “Our community of investors is doubling or tripling out of the gate. It’s time to move from the dark ages to 21st-century technology.”

As for the future, Cooley says, “It’s the market opportunity that led us down this path, but we like where it’s taken us. Now that we’re in the space, we recognize it as an easier way to do business.”

“Plus, we love working with CrowdStreet. Their execution and project quality are a cut above the rest. The team has an amazing feel on investments, picking the right deals. That reputation has reverberated throughout the real estate investment community.”

“We believe online fundraising will democratize the ability to invest in real estate, both for investors and sponsors. We want to be a leader in the space and we feel CrowdStreet is unquestionably positioned to be the frontrunner. They aren’t just doing this for just the next deal or the next buck. They are committed to the long-term success of the platform.””

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About AWH Partners, LLC

AWH Partners is a privately held real estate investment firm formed by alumni of The Blackstone Group and The Related Companies. Since 2010, AWH and its principals, Russ Flicker, Jon Rosenfeld and Chad Cooley, have amassed a portfolio in excess of $1 billion.

AWH owns Spire Hospitality, a top-tier national hospitality platform formed in 1980, and AWH Development, a full-service real estate development company, which collectively provide AWH with complete vertical integration in the hospitality investment space.