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Institutional investors want a say in project details. Smaller checks from a bigger investor pool give us the latitude to run the offering as we see fit.

Clifton Minsley, Co-Founder / Investor Relations Manager

“We knew crowdfunding would become a big component of CRE fundraising and we wanted in early,” said Brad Minsley, Co-Founder and Technology and Operations Manager. “CrowdStreet already had great traction, and an articulate vision for what technology can achieve in commercial real estate.”

When they moved into the growing self-storage vertical in 2016, they brought a tech-focused approach to automating self-storage facility operations. So, it was a logical next-step to seek a technology solution for raising funds online for their next project.

10 Federal placed a multi-facility self-storage offering on the CrowdStreet marketplace in summer 2017. The overall equity raise on their first offering was $10 million.


Accelerating the Funnel

After some review, 10 Federal also purchased and implemented CrowdStreet’s investment management software. They’ve integrated the portal into their website to manage their entire investor portfolio, in and outside of the CrowdStreet network.

Clifton commented, “We see where every investor is in the process, from submission to closing an offer. We have over 100 investors in just this CrowdStreet project alone. We’re now able to disseminate documents and information from a central location.”

The 1 -2 punch of CrowdStreet’s online fundraising and investment software platform has been crucial to 10 Federal’s accelerated growth plans and allows the company to focus on what they do best, executing their business plan.

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About 10 Federal

Founded in 2004, Windmill Investments is a private real estate investment company specializing in identifying undervalued or under-performing properties with strong growth potential, including single-family homes, multifamily apartment complexes, and commercial offices. The company has over 1,500 units under its management portfolio.