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What is happening on April 17?  

On April 17, 2018, CrowdStreet is updating our brand, supported by a new logo, tagline, website and business sub-brand to better align with who we have become and where we plan to be in the future.

Why is CrowdStreet updating its brand?

As we have evolved as a business, so too should our brand. Our original brand speaks to our proud history but does not adequately represent who we are today or the tremendous opportunity we have ahead of us. Our new brand identity is intended to reflect our commitment to continuously providing a premium experience and excellent service for our amazing customers.

How did you determine your new brand?

The decision to rebrand followed many hours of research conducted with our customers and partners across the country. Some core themes started to emerge as people described CrowdStreet. People felt that CrowdStreet is a premium, yet approachable brand. We also heard that we are creating a community and connecting like-minded people together for mutual benefit and success. You told us our expertise and focus on quality across our marketplace, technology, investor relations and marketing functions are second-to-none.  Finally, we heard from you that we are fundamentally transforming commercial real estate investing through technology. All of these concepts helped to define our new brand.

What changes are you making?  

CrowdStreet is making a variety of changes to support our new brand:

Framing the Future brand design theme: A single, overarching theme,  “Framing the Future” will represent our new brand. Framing refers to the building of a structure and captures the heart of the new CrowdStreet brand where we’re creating a strong substructure for growth. This concept is applied in many different ways in our new modern style and design.

New CrowdStreet logo: Our new logo is a hand-drawn “C” and “S” that includes lines that are representative of the framing concept.

Build Wealth tagline: Our unique statement of purpose is to help all of our clients with the creation of wealth.

New website: Our website has an all new design and new navigation which will make it easier to find the content you are looking for.  

Investor portal: Our marketplace investor portal at app.crowdstreet.com still provides the same great functionality but is updated with a new design to reflect our new brand.

New CrowdStreet Connect sub-brand:  “CrowdStreet Connect” is our new lead brand for all products and services available for business entities (such as sponsors, affiliates and partners).

Why did CrowdStreet create a new business sub-brand?

CrowdStreet Connect establishes the main benefits for the business products and services which is to help CRE firms “connect” with the CrowdStreet investor base through online tools that build strong relationships with them. CrowdStreet Connect services includes listing an offering on our marketplace and buying our investment software.  With CrowdStreet’s keen focus on helping our Sponsor customers be successful, we felt it was important to create a sub-brand specifically focused on their interests. CrowdStreet has a wide variety of products and services available for our Sponsor base, including investor relations support, marketing services, customer training, among others. Visit our new CrowdStreet Connect website at www.crowdstreet.com/business.

What happens to the CrowdStreet Marketplace? Why is it called marketplace solutions now?

CrowdStreet’s core identity will continue to be associated with our marketplace. When representing the marketplace and what we offer in this regard for sponsors, we refer to it as marketplace solutions because the sponsor receives a robust combination of products and services, including (but not limited to) listing an offering on our marketplace that we publish for them, direct access to our investors, IR support to help investors get through the transaction process, marketing support to promote the offering, and investment software for communicating with investors and managing investment documentation.  

What happens to Sponsor Direct?

We are still offering a SaaS-only option but are discontinuing the name, Sponsor Direct. We are now referring to our software only solution as investment software.

Did you change your products and services?

No, CrowdStreet is 100% committed to our existing products and services and will continue to offer the same premium products and services for sponsors and other business entities under our new sub-brand, CrowdStreet Connect. Our products and services include:

Marketplace solutions (formerly Marketplace)

  • Offering listed on CrowdStreet’s public marketplace and direct access to CrowdStreet’s high-net-worth investors
  • Fundraising services for marketplace offerings which include investor relations, marketing and advertising
  • Investment software for managing investments and investors, including fundraising automation, transaction automation and investor reporting

Investment software  (formerly Sponsor Direct)

  • Private label fundraising to share offerings with private investor network
  • Investment software for managing investments and investors, including fundraising automation, transaction automation and investor reporting

Professional services

  • Outsourced marketing support services, supplemental advertising services (for marketplace solutions only), and custom integration and development are available as add-on services to marketplace solutions and investment software

Did you change CrowdStreet’s vision and mission?

Our vision and mission remain the same, as it is the foundation on which the company was founded four years ago. Our vision is to: “Transform real estate investing by creating universally accessible, transparent and efficient markets.” Our mission is: “To provide superior solutions that enable all investors to directly connect, invest and create wealth through real estate.” We hope you agree these two statements reflect the core of CrowdStreet now and in the future.

Will this brand update affect me? If so, how?

We expect the new brand to improve your experience with CrowdStreet. We are excited about the future of CrowdStreet and look forward to continuing to serve you.  CrowdStreet remains committed to being the premium provider of online commercial real estate investment marketplace, technology and services, allowing investors direct access to institutional-quality commercial properties.

Is CrowdStreet’s staff changing as a result of the rebrand?

No, CrowdStreet has made no staffing changes as a result of our rebrand.

Why might we see the old logo in some places?

The transition will take some time, and soon you’ll be seeing our new logo on everything.