CrowdStreet Blended Portfolio

A New Way To Supplement Your Online Capital Raise


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Increased Capacity

The Blended Portfolio provides sponsors with additional funds to what is raised via direct investments in your offering on the marketplace.

Greater Certainty

In addition to our marketplace fundraising projection, you will know how much the Blended Portfolio will allocate to your offering prior to your deal launching.

Simplicity and Speed

With a single check, the Blended Portfolio investment accelerates your fundraise by making a commitment from day one.

CrowdStreet Blended Portfolio: A New Way To Supplement Your Online Capital Raise.

Raise More Money, Quicker

Access Financial Advisors & Retirement Savings

The Blended Portfolio allows Registered Investment Advisors to give their clients access to private CRE investments via an efficient and transparent fund vehicle. The Blended Portfolio will also be available to Self-Directed IRA custodians and their clients.


Review Process

Once your offering has passed the CrowdStreet marketplace approval process, the Blended Portfolio review process begins, including using a pre-defined algorithm to determine your eligibility and allocation amount.


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